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Best Shoe Care Brands

Welcome to Caffrey's, your one-stop shop for shoe care products from the tested & best shoe care brands in Canada to elevate your footwear game. Whether you're a seasoned collector of leather beauties or simply want to extend the life of your favorite sneakers, we’ve the trusted brand for people for whom shoes are a vital part of their lifestyle.

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About our brand

As one of the best shoe care suppliers in Canada, we take pride in offering a wide range of products that cater to both individual and professional needs. Our supplier network ensures that we can provide the best products at competitive prices. Whether you run a shoe repair business or are an individual enthusiast, Caffrey is your reliable partner.

Why Choose Caffrey As Your Shoe Care Store In Canada?

Trusted Brands

We offer only the best shoe care brands known for their effectiveness and quality.

Wide Range

Our shoe care product range covers all aspects, from cleaning and polishing to repair and maintenance.

Expert Advice

Our shoe care experts are always ready to help you select the right products and guide on how to use them effectively.


Enjoy the ease of shopping for your shoe care supplies online, with fast shipping and reliable service.

What Our Clients Says about us

I invest into my shoes, they are my pride. Getting a perfect shoe is one thing and taking care of it another. Caffrey provide me the promising care that I can't risk. Thank you Caffrey.

Peter Doe

Peter Doe

President, XoVito

Have you heard of someone saying 'Dress for the job you want, not the job you have'. Today I am a VP of the company I work for just because I practice that saying. Caffrey is a huge part of my professional life. It helps me keep the perception that I want to carry around with me.

Jane Smith

Jane Smith

VP, Marketing , CyberSense

Frequently asked questions

Why invest in a shoe care kit?
Shoes are an investment, and proper care extends their lifespan significantly. Here's why buy shoe care kit online:
Preserves Appearance: Regular cleaning and conditioning maintain the original beauty of your shoes, keeping them looking sharp for years to come.
Protects Materials: Quality shoe care products nourish leather, repel water stains, and prevent cracking, ensuring your shoes endure the elements.
Enhances Comfort: Regular cleaning removes dirt and debris, promoting a fresh and comfortable feeling with every wear.
Boosts Confidence: Well-maintained shoes exude a sense of polish and professionalism, leaving a lasting impression.
What types of shoe care supplies are available online?
At Caffrey, we offer a comprehensive range of shoe care supplies online, including -
Shoe Polish and creams
Shapes & Stretchers
Finishers, Leather Paint, etc.
We also provide specialized products for different materials, such as leather, suede, and nubuck, ensuring that you can find the right supplies for your specific footwear.
How often should I clean and care for my shoes?
The frequency depends on the material and how often you wear them. As a general rule, clean your shoes after every few wears and condition them regularly (monthly for leather, bi-monthly for suede).
What is included in the Church’s shoe polish kit?
The Church’s shoe polish kit is a premium product that includes high-quality polish, brushes, and a polishing cloth. This kit is renowned for its effectiveness in achieving a high-gloss finish on leather shoes, making it a favorite among shoe enthusiasts and professionals.
Can I visit your store?
Yes, Caffrey has a physical shoe repair supply store located at 40 Kodiak Crescent, North York, ON. M3J 3G5. Here you can browse our extensive range of products, get personalized advice from our experts, and see demonstrations on how to use different shoe care items. Our store care store is designed to provide a welcoming and informative shopping environment for all your shoe care needs.
Why buy shoe care products online at Caffrey?
Our online store offers a seamless shopping experience, with a wide variety of products available to meet all your shoe care needs. Simply browse our collection, select the items you need, and place your order for fast and reliable delivery.