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Key Role of Sole and Heel Dressing in Shoe Care

Leather is undeniably a precious material for shoes. It looks great and tough, but part of the overall appearance depends on how you take care of it. Since it can also deteriorate after some time, you must know how to slow that inevitable thing. That's why you must be aware of the helpful shoe care products you can use. 

Appearance is equally important as quality in leather, right? Hence, the sole and heel dressing is also part of shoe care since it can help maintain your shoes. Yet, the primary benefit of this dressing is to preserve the heels and edges of the sole looking new. At the same time, it can also effectively cover scuffs and scratches, making your shoes look almost new.

Sole and Heel Dressing - Pay attention to the overall appearance 

While the upper leather receives the most attention, it is also important to pay attention to the sole and heels as they are part of the overall appearance. It mirrors the reflection of the wearer, so if you want to leave a nice and amazing impression, taking care of your shoes is an easy way to achieve that. Of course, part of careful shoe maintenance is the use of sole and heel dressing. 

Frankly, the importance of sole and heel dressing is solely focused on preserving the beauty and color of certain parts of shoes. It says it all in its name, after all. You know about the problem with curbs, stairs, or pedals that quickly scratches the heel or sole of the shoes. The dressing can help lessen that damage while presenting a renewing, nourishing soul and heel color. Sounds like a basic benefit, but it is valuable if your shoes represent you. 

Compared to typical nourishing shoe polish, the decisive advantage of the dressing is the high opacity. This is why color matching is important. Luckily, Kelly’s Sole & Heel Dressing covers the basic color and is great to use on both leather and rubber soles and heels. With its sponge on top, it quickly dries and doesn't rub off. Thus, it makes a great companion when it comes to shoe care.  

Other shoe care tips you can follow

Here are the other basic tips you might have overlooked when taking care of your leather shoes. Going back to the basics can help you feel less daunted by the task so check them below.  

  • Don’t wear your leather shoes every day. 

Of course, leather shoes are worth boasting about. They look great and expensive. But, if you want to preserve the lifespan of your shoes, not wearing them every day would be helpful. The primary reason is that leather needs to breathe, just like your skin. Being damp from moisture is the easy way to cut off its longevity. So, don't think of this as an impractical shoe care tip. 

  • Clean your shoes after each wear. 

You can get away from dealing with stains later on if you just consistently clean your shoes after each use. Don't think that small dirt can't do anything to your shoes because it might result in stains. Thus, having a care kit for a quick cleaning is a wise choice.  

  • Store your leather shoes with a shoe tree in them.

How you take care of your shoes significantly determines their lifespan. A shoe tree can help you have more effective shoe care. What it can do is absorb the moisture and odor that can damage the shoes. Also, it is designed to keep the shoe’s proper shape to prevent creasing, dramatically helping extend the lifespan of your shoes.  

  • Store shoes in a dust bag. 

If you know that you will not use your shoes for quite some time, the best thing to do is store them in a dust bag to avoid stains and degradation. Also, a dust bag can keep the fabric dust out while allowing your shoes to breathe, prolonging their lifespan.  


Indeed, shoe care products, like the sole and heel dressing, play a role in effective shoe care results. With your knowledge about choosing the right products, you'll be surprised how much longer your shoes last if you properly and consistently take care of them. 

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