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Shoe Care Tip: Maintaining the Cleanliness of Your Sneakers

Have you purchased any shoes that require cleaning? Alternatively, do you want to ensure you can wear your sneakers for as long as possible? So, here are some helpful hints for shoe care! You can extend the life and worth of your shoes by giving them proper maintenance. You can maintain your shoes clean by following the methods we provide in detail, along with the items you'll need. 

Sneakers aren't merely a trend; they're a fashion statement. What's not to love about them? They are adaptable, useful, and comfy. It's also reasonable to suggest that many people will give up in the face of difficulty, leaving behind a neglected pair of soiled sneakers. White sneakers have many benefits; it's a timeless hue that complements anything. But they are like magnets for scuffs, scratches, and stains. You shouldn't suddenly remove all your white shoes from your wardrobe just because your favorite pair of white sneakers are more likely to exhibit dirt. Here's how to restore the white color to any pair of shoes, whether they are made of suede, leather, or canvas.

Shoe Care Tips to Consider 

Remove any loose dirt

Make sure your canvas shoes are dry before you begin washing them. Allow the mud to cure and solidify if you've hiked through muddy terrain so that it will be simpler to remove afterward. You may remove dirt and debris with a scrub brush, a simple tap on a hard surface, or the shoes themselves. A brush will be more efficient in removing dirt that has adhered to the surface from the outer substance. The objective is to remove as much dirt as possible to simplify the subsequent procedures and remove stains.

Filling shoes with shoe trees or another material, such as rags or newspapers, will help them keep their form. In addition to providing a buffer to absorb any liquids that may seep through, the shoes are simpler to handle. Use a shoe brush, if you have one, to remove any loose dirt. You may also use an old toothbrush, a gentle nail brush, or even a soft cloth. Dust and filth should be removed without allowing them to ingratiate themselves more into the fabric. 

Fill the shoes 

The path of the white shoe includes some minor scuffs and grime. Damp a kitchen towel to remove surface grime when your leather or canvas sneakers only need a quick pick-me-up. By selecting a shoe-cleaning wipe, you follow suit. To clean suede shoes, omit the procedures above and use a suede brush instead. Use the brush side to remove any surface dirt first. Next, use the eraser to eliminate scuffs and more pronounced inset markings. Follow these instructions every few weeks to ensure your sneakers look their best.

Be sure to brush the shoe edges and rubber soles. Since the mesh is a fragile and sensitive fabric, only soft brushes should be used to clean mesh sneakers. To gently remove the filth, use a soft-bristled brush.

Clean the Insoles and Laces 

The laces acquire stains and filth, much like the shoe itself does. It will be far less successful in trying to clean them while they are attached to the shoes than it will be to soak and scrub them individually. For this, prepare a moderate cleaning solution with water and detergent, and let the laces soak for at least 15 minutes or until the shoes have been thoroughly cleaned. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub the laces when it's time to clean them to prevent harming the fibers. 

Remove the laces, insoles, and inserts before you begin cleaning your sneakers. Remember to keep them apart while washing your shoes. Laces may either be loaded with laundry or washed with soap. If you'd like, you may also buy new ones. Remove the insoles and inserts as well, then let them air out. Sprinkle some baking soda or disinfectant to make them smell better if they are foul and odorous. You should wrap each lace around your hand before brushing them clean since it might be challenging to keep them from moving while cleaning them on a flat surface. Flip it over and brush the other side to give the lace a good cleaning. Then, wash the laces thoroughly under running water before letting them air dry.


Removing insoles and laces, putting them in a mesh laundry bag, and running them in the washing machine on a cold, delicate wash cycle with similar colors will greatly help eliminate "foot odor" if your insoles are detachable and washable. 

Concentrate on the Soles

Scrub the outsoles with a brush to remove any scuffs or markings using a warm water solution with a few drops of mild dish detergent. Use your Surface Cleaner to attack surfaces with harder stains, let them sit for a few minutes, and then wipe them away. Repetition is required, so buff shoes dry with a fresh microfiber cloth after each round.


We all experience it, so don't be alarmed. Had a challenging exercise, a hard day at work, or it was just a hot summer day? Yes, sweaty feet! As a result, with stinky footwear. Did you know that this may be resolved rather simply? Bad scents may be eliminated by spraying Angelus Foaming Cleaner for 5 seconds. This is also true with a pet or stale smoke-smelling footwear. This cleanser, which is not simply a scent, was created specifically for shoes. It eliminates the microorganisms that cause offensive odors. The spray may also be used on items like your jacket, workout bag, or headgear.


You should clean or wipe down your sneakers as soon as they become soiled. Because dirt and grime include natural oils, the longer they remain on a surface, the more harm they can do. You can prevent the stains from settling and destroying the appearance of your shoes by identifying the issue and cleaning them frequently.  

Not only that but with time, certain fabrics and rubbers may begin to erode from the chemicals and oils in the dirt or stains, turning them yellow and radically changing how the shoe feels and appears. They may cause the shoe's bottoms to degrade, shrink, or emit unpleasant odors, which renders the footwear unwearable or unsellable.

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