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Saphir Renovateur: How to Care for Vintage Leather

The leading leather-care brand, Saphir, provides products from upscale fashion houses like Hermes. The Saphir Renovateur, a multipurpose leather cream for cleaning, nourishing, and polishing, is their best-selling item. To preserve the appearance of your most expensive leather shoes, use them alone or in combination with a shoe cream and wax. Saphir Renovateur is a non-greasy product consisting beeswax, mink oil, and lanolin. Your shoes will last for years if you maintain them properly with Saphir products.

What is Saphir Renovateur?

A smooth leather cream polish with a unique formulation is called Saphir Renovateur. Its color is natural. In a technical sense, it is described as a cleanser and conditioner. There are numerous other uses for leather maintenance in addition to the leather shoes that many people wear. It cleans, moisturizes, and shines all at once; we'll go into further detail below. It employs a formula based on water. This indicates that silicone or resin is not present. Why is this crucial? Resin and silicone can harm the leather. They are stable substances that won't break down for a long time. As a result, whenever you use silicone-based items, all of the silicone or resin accumulates on the surface of your shoes.

Using Saphir Renovateur

Because Saphir Renovateur is a leather cream that doubles as a cleaner and polisher, you can use it on your shoes simultaneously. You should enclose your middle and index fingers in a soft cloth, such as the Saphir Chamoisine Shoe Polishing Cloth. Take a dime-sized amount of cream from the jar and rub it in a circular motion onto the shoe. Use the Saphir Small Spreading Brush or Saphir Jar Brush to more readily access small spots like the welt. Add more cream gradually as you go along. Smaller quantities work well. After three minutes, give drying time.

Preparing Your Shoes

Get your shoes nice and shiny first. You may quickly clean and shine your shoes by removing the laces and inserting shoe trees like the Woodlore Cedar Shoe Trees. Brush your shoes back and forth from heel to toe with a horsehair brush, like the Saphir Horse Hair Brush, to eliminate any dirt. If required, remove any dust or accumulation with a moist cloth. Use as little water as possible to dry shoes, and allow them completely air dry (at least 30 minutes). Your shoes must be air-dried because too much heat can cause them to dry out and deteriorate.

Cleaning Leather with Saphir Renovateur

There are leather cleaning components in Saphir Renovateur. Your leather accessories can be cleaned gently with them. It can assist in removing grit, dust, and previous polish. The degree of cleaning is what we would call light or mild. If your leather products need a touch-up, it works fantastically for a routine maintenance schedule. For a good reason, the precise formulation of this Saphir product is kept under lock and key.

Dab your fingers into the Saphir renovateur jar after wrapping a Saphir Chamois Cleaning Cloth across them. Put a tiny amount of Renovateur on the cloth, then start rubbing the leather with the cloth. Work the cream into the leather using gentle, circular strokes while periodically reloading the cloth.


Use a fresh cleaning cloth or polishing brush to buff the shoes or other leather to the required shine once the Renovateur has been absorbed. Alternatively, polish your shoes with the Saphir Shining Pad or Shining Glove.

The shoe polish can be left on for anywhere from 20 minutes to overnight. The longer the natural components feed and penetrate the leather, the better. Next, brush the shoes with your horsehair polishing brush in forceful, lengthy strokes, making sure to cover the entire shoe. This accomplishes two things: first, it removes whatever extra polish the leather no longer requires, but second, the friction from brushing generates heat, which brings out a shine. Your shoes will not only look great, but they will also offer some weather protection. Put on your shoes, re-lace them, and take over the world.

Why Choose Saphir Renovateur Leather Conditioner

It is created with mink oil. This is the gold standard because mink fat has chemical properties comparable to the skin oils found in leather, which guarantees a full profile of essential oils. Additionally, it has a light cleanser that aids in opening up leather pores so that the conditioning oils can penetrate. Use a magnifying glass to check if it's true because leather also has pores if cared for improperly. Aside from that, it is quite amazing. A centimeter-sized medallion could completely cover the side of a handbag!

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